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Frontline 3-point hitch roller for compact and utility tractors.

Frontline's heavy wall rollers are available in three point hitch, or drawbar pull. Heavy duty pillow block axle bearings are 1-7/16" in diameter. The roller axle is solid pipe and is continuous through the length of the roller. The roller pipe wall is ¼" thick.

There is a fill plug located on the end of the roller so that water may be added to increase the rolling weight. The fill plug is 1" in diameter. The three point hitch roller features a weight box that is sized to accept concrete block additional weights. The weight box is 16.5" front to back and 3" deep


1.How much does the Frontline Roller weigh?
The Frontline 3-point hitch lawn roller can be filled with water or sand to achieve additional weight. The empty weight of the 60" unit is 550 lbs and the filled weight 1150 lbs. The empty weight of the 72" unit is 600 lbs and the filled weight is 1340 lbs.

2.How can I apply additional down pressure to the Frontline Roller?
The tractor 3-point hitch can be used to apply additional down pressure on the lawn roller, when not used in float mode. Additional weight can be applied by adding concrete blocks to the weight box.

More Information
  • Cat 1, 3-point hitch, quick hitch compatible
  • Roller diameter: 20"
  • Solid pipe, continuous length axle
  • Roller bearings: 1-7/16" bore
  • Fill plug: 1" diameter
  • Weight box: 16.5" front to back, 3" deep
  • Roller pipe wall thickness: ¼"