OptiMizer® - Healthy Hay Feeding System

OptiMizer® - Healthy Hay Feeding System

If you are looking for a safe, convenient and efficient way to provide good quality forage for your horses, then the Hay OptiMizer® may be for you!

The OptiMizer is a convenient horse feeding system that keeps hay off the ground (and dry). The free standing ground unit will hold two small bales of hay, and is covered with netting that allows the horse to eat slowly with consistent small bite sizes. The horses head is in a natural feeding postion (like grazing) and the netting provides natural oral stimulation and is gentle on the teeth and gums.

With the OptiMizer you will enjoy a feeder that is durable, safe for horses and easy to move around the pasture. Paddocks are cleaner with little wasted hay, and horses are engaged with something to do, creating less problematic behaviour like chewing on fences.

The holes in the netting are 1.6" square, which research has shown to be the optimal size for efficient feeding with no chances for gobbling and choking on feed. The hay net assembly is constructed out of stainless steel and is easily moved to the side for quick filling of the feeder. Hand holds on the feeder allow it to be moved around the pasture easily, and smooth rounded corners ensure that horses will not be injured when rubbing against the feeder.

A new product - the InStall Optimizer has just been released. This feeder is designed to be mounted in a stall - in a corner and out of the way - and offers all of the same features of the larger free-standing units. The InStall feeder will hold about half a bale of hay, roughly 25 pounds, enough to last a day for most horses.

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