Pendulum style spreaders are designed for more precise spreading rates. The heart of the unit is the articulating gearbox and spout, which delivers an even distribution of material across the spreading band. These units feature an adjustable rate distribution system, and a regulating key for controlling the spreading width. All hoppers are constructed of corrosion proof poly material. The PDC-400C model is the smallest unit we offer and the hopper is conical shaped and holds approximately 13.5 cubic feet of material. Maximum hopper capacity is 925 pounds. The standard spout which comes with this unit provides an even spread pattern that can be adjusted from 20 to 45 feet wide. Optional spouts are available for narrow spreading, banding in an orchard or nursery, and for spreading salt.
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SpecificationsCapacity: 925 lbs., 13 cubic feet Category 1 three point hitch Mechanical shut off lever (optional hydraulic shut off)